6 Steps to Create Your Baby Model Portfolio

It isn’t uncommon for new parents to find the idea of their baby being a model appealing. If you find yourself in such a position, and would like to learn more on how to develop a portfolio to get your baby some modeling gigs, read on. The six simple steps below will carry you a long way in developing your baby’s modeling portfolio all on your own, for a fraction of the cost professionals would charge you.

Step One: The Complete Portfolio

First, understand that baby models are different from other types of models. Babies grow and develop at a fast pace. For this reason, extensive portfolios are not as necessary as they are for many other model types. It’s a complete waste of your time and money to develop a large portfolio for your son or daughter when they could, and likely will, look completely different in a few short months. Agencies will appreciate a few current photos far more than they would sixty of your child’s entire lifetime thus far.

Step Two: Options Are Key

While the typical child has portraits taken in an outfit or two with different backdrops, baby models need to bring more to the table than the average department store photo session has to offer. Professional photographers are always a great option because they tend to have nicer backdrops. Additionally, outdoor scenery is becoming very popular for professional portrait sessions and offers an appeal to your baby’s photo that won’t be matched by competition. Selecting a photographer this is both comfortable and experienced with photographing babies of all ages. That being said, professional quality pictures are not a requisite for baby model portfolios. Pictures snapped at home, as long as they’re clear and of good quality, are just fine too. Make sure you have a wide variety of photos in different scenes with multiple outfits on of different colors and styles.

Step Three: Head Shots, Smiles, and Tears, Oh My!

Head shots are as important with babies as they are for any other model. Unless you need a baby foot or hand model, it’s likely your tot will be casted in something that will show their face. Agencies need a clear image of your baby’s personality in their face. If feasible, photos of the baby’s face both when cheerful and when not can be beneficial to your baby’s modeling future. Tearful or pouty faces can actually bring in gigs sometimes, as well as giggles and grins do. Shots of baby playing are important for agencies to see so they can determine if your playful baby would be a good match for an advertisement that is more on the serious side.

Step Four: Keep It Simple

You only need to supply agencies with a few photos of your baby. Generally, a good rule to follow is no more than five, and no less than three.

Step Five: Important Information

It might sound like common sense, but be sure to label the rear of every photo that you submit to an agency. Important information they will want includes how to reach you, and your baby’s size, age, and measurements.

Step Six: Mail Call!

Get your photographs mailed to agencies as soon as you can after having them taken so that they are still a good current representation of the child. Then, wait for a call. Don’t take it personally if it doesn’t come right away. These things can take time. With perseverance and the right photos, your baby’s turn is sure to come along.


5 Responses to “6 Steps to Create Your Baby Model Portfolio”

  1. Whitney Thomas

    Everyone always tells me to get my baby into modeling. She is 1. I don’t know where to start. Help please!!!

  2. Samantha

    Beautiful girl, always happy and good with strangers

  3. Natalie

    Pick my daughter to be your baby model

  4. Stacy Lock

    I’d love to enter my grand baby Vanessa Marie Reasor turning 2 this September 15 😉
    Any tips advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Stacy Lock

  5. My son will be 5 in November. Everywhere my son goes people would always tell me to get him in molding because he has the characteristic for a model. He loves the camera and it’s afraid to express himself

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