At What Age should my Child start Modeling?

What Age Can my Infant Model?

It is possible for a child to begin a career while still on diapers. Child models have their own share of popularity in the child modeling scene. You may have probably heard that the modeling industry is no place for children. However, quite a good number of parents are not shying away from involving their children in child modeling.

It is somehow hard to give a specific age that child modeling should begin, reason being, sometimes the product advertised may demand children of a particular age. For obvious reasons, a baby modeling diapers can be as little as 5 months.  As babies become toddlers, they tend to be uncomfortable among strangers. Furthermore, the curiosity of these little ones gives them the eagerness of performing roles at their best. The other reason why child modeling should be given an early start is so that by the time the child hits 2 or 3 he/she will not feel intimidated in the presence of strangers.  The experience that these children get by starting at an early stage can have tremendous breakthrough in their future careers.

On the other hand, older children above 8 years should be allowed to model as soon as they develop interest in the career. Children, who have already expressed interest in modeling with full backing of supportive parents, have a better chance of a successful career.

In both cases, the parent plays a very vital role in the child’s career. For instance, there are some cases the parent may be required to model with the child because of that chemistry between them especially when the baby is very young.  However, this can be of great disadvantages to the child’s career since a client may be interested in the child but not the mother. This means that, the client may have to drop both the parent and child from the project. However, if your baby is comfortable among strangers, this will not pose a significant challenge.

Web modeling has made starting out your child’s career easy and practical. The parent only needs to come up with a portfolio, by hiring a professional photographer for quality photos. In some cases, the companies offering modeling jobs will send the product to be advertised to the client along with the specifications of how the ad should be. It is then upon you to perform the ad and mail it to the agency to be considered.  A child with a strong extra curriculum background and charisma has a high percentage of being selected by a modeling agency. Other than just being cute, the child has to be smart, talented, expressive and an exceptionally great overall personality. As a parent you are the best person to determine the right age your child can handle modeling while under your guidance.

If you have a busy lifestyle, it is not advisable to leave the child to dive into the industry on their own. At the end of the day, you play a significant role in the young model’s career. Being there and offering the child guidance and support is the best thing you can ever give your child.


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