GapKids And babyGap Contest

Have you always felt that your child has a certain special something? Do you family, friends and even strangers comment on how cute your kid is? If so he or she could become the next face of babyGap or GapKids in 2014. This is a great opportunity share your childs face with millions and let them appreciate the joy and beauty that you see everyday. Entries for the contest are divided into four categories:  baby boy (0-4 years old), baby girl (0-4 years old), boy (5-12 years old),  and girl (5-12 years old). 16 finalists (chosen by Gap) will be chosen and receive  a $500 Gap GiftCard and a professional photo shoot. The 4 cutest children (as chosen by voters online) will receive $1,000 Gap GiftCard along with a professional photo shoot and will be featured in a Gap marketing campaign. Gap will also give a $10,000 grant in each of the four winner’s names to Communities In Schools, a nonprofit that surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Nationwide, Communities In Schools partners with nearly 3,000 public schools, assisting 1.25 million students and their families. Up to five entries will be allowed per category so enter all of your cuties! Your child could be the face of one of the most popular kids clothing lines in the country. So if you have a child whose smile lights up every room he or she enters, whose sparkliung personality shines right through the camera lens babyGap and GapKids would like you to show them off. For more information on the contest and rules you can go here and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us about your little angels and keep checking back for all of the exciting updates.

All children are precious and beautiful but some children just have a special  glow about them. If that describes your child then you owe it to yourself and the country to share it. Submit your child today to be the next babyGap or GapKids kid!


183 Responses to “GapKids And babyGap Contest”

  1. My godson, Jayden Lee, will be 1 on July 30th. I might sound like everyone else by saying that he is the cutest, but he really is. His smile is infectious, he is fun and happy. I believe he could be great at being a baby model. He is my first godson, thus the reason for all the gushing. :)

  2. Jenelle Morgan

    My son Deon is 7 months and full of love and happiness. He has such a friendly spirit and a personality beyond his age. Deon loves when he sees himself in pictures and videos that I take of him. He will warm the hearts of all who interact with him, as his smile makes even the grumpiest person smile.

  3. Lilli Flores

    Jorma Jacek is a wild and crazy three year old boy. His hobbies include skateboarding, swimming, pretending he is a ninja, and beating up his mother. Jorma had a talent for wooing all of mom’s girl friends with his lock dark wavy locks and his beautiful long eyelashes. This little ball of energy is not only one of the smartest kids I know but one of the sweetest. Yay for Jorma Jacek!!

  4. my son, Dorian is 6yrs old, since the day he was born family and everyone tells me how handsome and adorable he is and I should get him into modeling, his eyes and smile are beautiful, he loves music dancing superheroes and acting out characters on television, and very smart, always make you laugh and put a smile on your face, if you chose him you will be happy with your decision.

  5. My soon to be six years old superstar very fun, sharing, and caring. BIANNA is smart, a team player, and great at following directions. To see her is to fall in love on the spot.

  6. Erika Nation Donnell

    My son Zayden is 4 months. He is the cutest gerber and gap baby in the world. For a chubby juicy little guys he has a lot of personality. He would be great for commercials and photo shoots. He is a joyful baby boy!

  7. My son used to baby model and he like his pictures being taking and has a handsome smile. He was on the cover for a magazine. And i know he can make it far.

  8. My little Princess Amelia is one happiest fun loveing children i know, shes only two and half but shes extremly advaced and such beautiful little girl. She loves the camera and is always posing asking me to take pics of her. since she was born have always been stoped about her looks and been told put her into modeling. every day we get stoped by people telling us how beautiful she is, shes mixrace with long brown hair and blue eyes shes just so stunning, shes such a blessing. Always been told put her into modeling by strangers but i just have no idea how to but she realy would make fantastic model as she loves takeing pics and follows every instruction asked and has the most perfect looks and personality to be one.

  9. Nayely Lopez

    My baby girl, Melany, was born April 19, 2014 and my family and I couldn’t be any more in love with her. She’s healthy, beautiful and has an amazing personality already. She’s the perfect combination of her daddy and I!
    P.S: Is it me or are mixed babies just perfect? (:

  10. mylene royo

    My baby’s name is Zaab Dyonndrei
    He s now a year and a half yr old.. Bigger and smarter at his age.
    He loves dancing and singing. Looks like a star even in a simplest photo.

  11. Zandra

    My daughter is 11 year old. She loves to pose and take pictures. She is a model student. She is the spokes person for her school
    She sings in the choir at school as well as church. She loves to dance especially ballet.

  12. Chelsey

    I have a 3 month old baby girl. She she adorable and will go far in this business .blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She’s always smiling and talking away. Choosing her will be the best decision!

  13. My daughter cheyenne, is 10 months old now and she loves attention, and I see a big future in front of her. In modeling being in front of the camera is great for her but knowing she is still a baby playing is all she does. She very beautiful and I greatful for having her as my daughter.

  14. Gordana

    My daughter Izabella (Bella) is 21 month old. She is the beautiful, happy baby with gorgeous smile. She have curly brown hair, and eyes with long eyelashes. I’m receiving a lot of compliments every day, and make me proud mom. She loves to play and laugh. She wear Gap clothes since little. I think she will be a great candidate for Gap model.

    Thank you,

  15. Amelia-Mae

    My daughters 8 weeks old, she’s gorgeous, doesn’t like staying still for too loves being on the move, exploring, loves her cuddles with mum and dad, always falls asleep in the car, doesn’t like waiting for nothing, knows what she wants and when she wants it lol love her to bits very Proud parents xxx

  16. My daughter Lucia is 3years old. i am half Korean and American, my husband is half Spain and El Salvador.
    She is very Friendly, bright and happy. She is photogenic and she has a pretty smile. she also acts really good.

  17. kristen gruber

    My son Maddox is 1 1/2 he is full of energy. He is very photpgentic and has the cutiest smile ad dimples. I’ve been told by alot of people that he is a model baby. He is sweet as pie and loves attention.

  18. Yupayong

    Both of my kids are photogenic , they are 1 and 2.5 years old. They are half Asian half America. Would really appreciate to get to know about contest.

  19. cierra cuellar

    Hi my name is Cierra and my 6 month old son Jackson is just the cutest little big blue eyed boy. He’s a very well behaved baby, observes everything. He’s got his two bottom baby teeth and when he smiles you just can’t help but smile back.everyone says I should get him into a baby model contest or he’s ‘BabyGap’ material. I would love to share my little bundle of fun/joy and help warm the hearts of people with BabyGap.

  20. Jessica

    My daughter is 5 years old. She is tall and beautiful! Long curly strawberry blonde hair and is very photogenic! She has lots of personality. You put her in front of a camera and she is happy! Blue/green eyes! Gorgeous girl!!!

  21. jessica

    My 7 months baby girl Ava Li mix of asain and black, black hair ,
    cute dimples, dark brown eyes, photogenic loves to smile, smart and obseverent she will melt your heart, lots of people out there told me to put her in modeling, pleasa give her a chance.thanks

  22. Amber Jessie

    My son is 6 months and model material, was born with a head full of curly hair. He is always happy with the biggest smile on his face. He is very photogenic and has taken professional pictures for for the past holidays, the photographers fell in love ! Everyone was hovering around complimenting him. I really hope he is chosen for baby gap, Elijah will be waiting! :)

  23. Lorena

    Pick my baby because he is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look me up Lorena Mendenhall Gomez

  24. Yokasta

    My son Joshua is 2 years old full of energy and so adorable ! He has all the quality to be a model!!

  25. JIM

    Our baby boy is 20 months old. His name is Brooks we think our baby is a head turner.Everywhere we go people noticed his cuteness. He has chubby cheeks and super cute smile.very talkative too!

  26. Connie Ulmer

    What is the deadline for the 2014 Gap photo contest?

  27. Alisa Potashnyk

    We have four of the most beautiful and amazing kids around! They range in age from 4-12. One girl and three boys. We are stopped often in public when people tell us what a beautiful family we have. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but their wonderful spirits shine from within! They are all blue-eyed and the three youngest are blondes and the oldest is light brown. I’m sure the camera would catch their amazing “sparkle”!

  28. Ava Marie Braithwaite

    Please send information on baby contest to
    the email above, would love to enter our 4 month old.

  29. Roxana

    I would like to introduce…..My beautiful baby girl Catalina. She is 5 months old. Catalina is my first and everywhere we go people stop and say how adorable she is and how they want to steal her…….! That is a great complement and I think if you met her and see what I see you would fall in love with her and I hope you can give me the changes to show you how special she is to me and everyone else that meet her for the first time. Please send me more information.
    Thank you

  30. vanessa

    Hello I have four years old Daughter she love go smile and take pictures

  31. Noe Truncellito

    My son is definitely the cutest kid you will ever see.



  33. Leah

    My Daughter Evelyn Grace is 11 weeks old and everyone tells me how alert she is and how happy she always looks. Evelyn knows the camera already, she smile and giggles when you are taking her picture. She has a head full of crazy, fun hair and has theist gorgeous big, blue eyes. She is so precious and she is my world!

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