GapKids And babyGap Contest

Have you always felt that your child has a certain special something? Do you family, friends and even strangers comment on how cute your kid is? If so he or she could become the next face of babyGap or GapKids in 2014. This is a great opportunity share your childs face with millions and let them appreciate the joy and beauty that you see everyday. Entries for the contest are divided into four categories:  baby boy (0-4 years old), baby girl (0-4 years old), boy (5-12 years old),  and girl (5-12 years old). 16 finalists (chosen by Gap) will be chosen and receive  a $500 Gap GiftCard and a professional photo shoot. The 4 cutest children (as chosen by voters online) will receive $1,000 Gap GiftCard along with a professional photo shoot and will be featured in a Gap marketing campaign. Gap will also give a $10,000 grant in each of the four winner’s names to Communities In Schools, a nonprofit that surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Nationwide, Communities In Schools partners with nearly 3,000 public schools, assisting 1.25 million students and their families. Up to five entries will be allowed per category so enter all of your cuties! Your child could be the face of one of the most popular kids clothing lines in the country. So if you have a child whose smile lights up every room he or she enters, whose sparkliung personality shines right through the camera lens babyGap and GapKids would like you to show them off. For more information on the contest and rules you can go here and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us about your little angels and keep checking back for all of the exciting updates.

All children are precious and beautiful but some children just have a special  glow about them. If that describes your child then you owe it to yourself and the country to share it. Submit your child today to be the next babyGap or GapKids kid!


337 Responses to “GapKids And babyGap Contest”

  1. Magdalena

    Hello! I have a daughter who just turned 2 years old in October. My daughter loves to sing and dance. My favorite thing about her and I find it cute is when she act’s like the YouTube girls do when they are reviewing products. She will grab a hair spray and act as if she was doing a tutorial. I’ve had family and friends tell me how she will be a star one day because of her big brown eyes and cause of what she loves to do. 🙂

  2. Jordynn

    Hey there! I have an adorable blonde-haired, grey-blue eyed boy who is just the sweetest. He is very polite and out going and his smile lights up a room. People find it so hard to believe he’s only two because he’s tall for his age and just incredibly smart. We would love to hear more information about this contest!

  3. Danielle

    Hi, I have a good 2 year old boy that can make anyone smile, he recently has gotten glasses and he rocks them,he has blond hair and blue eyend is always wearing a smile! I was nervous at first about the glasses but every where we go we get complements on how cute he is with or with out, he takes amazing pictures, I would love to show pictures of him to whom ever it may concern. Please check him out on my Facebook

  4. anda

    Hi i have a 7 month old baby boy and he so absolutely the cuties baby ever!!! blue eyes dark hair and beautiful smile 🙂

  5. Tiffany

    Hi I have a 1 year old daughter. She is absolutely beautiful and is not afraid of the camera. She has an outstanding personality. I get told on a daily basis she looks like a doll and should be on tv. I am looking at being able to show my daughter off around the world. Looking forward to hearing more about how to get my daughter into modeling.

  6. Stephanie

    Our princess Jai’lah Marie Galvez 11 months old and so adorable is always smiling with her four little teet, loves the camera, and amazing hazel eye grabbing everyone’s attention. She is playful, energetic, and a bundle of joy that’s makes you remanice of your own childhood and how you found the world amusing in your own way . She is starting to try and walk on her own but as she gets older she would realize that her dreams are in a reachable distance and she is capable of anything she puts her little heart in no matter how difficult the task may seem.

  7. Aprince

    My 2 year old’s name is Aprince, just like his name he is one like a prince* never been a day that goes by without him being complimented for his cuteness and looks..he is blessed with big natural curly hair.

  8. Patricia

    My Daughter 4 1/2 she loves to model always posing for everything please check out my Facebook page or request pictures.

  9. Francheska

    My son is two months old turning 3 months he already loves the camera and to smile, he is very out going and always is happy and laughing
    Please contact me so I can send some pictures

  10. jackie

    Hey my 3 year old little girl just lights up the room with her personality. Everywhere I go people are always saying she should be in modeling from birth. So I say let’s give it a try.

  11. Noelia

    I have 2 daughter the are beautiful and they ❤️ By a models

  12. ME

    Interested in my daughter and son finding a supportive agency they Really very talented and modeling and acting is something they enjoy on a regular….lookingfor a real deal…

  13. Tamerone Gregory

    There are not enough words to explain the Beautiful BIG Personality my little Guy Ethyn has.. He is always smiling. I am told by so many people he is a beautiful child and the he should be modeling.. He loves to be center of attention. He will loves to entertain everyone he comes in contact with.. He doesn’t meet a stranger. His smile will brighten any room.. He amazes me.. He is absolutely gorgeous with his Cotton top blonde hai AND Beautiful Blue eyes..

  14. Caroline

    I would like more information

  15. brittany

    Our sweet baby is 10 months old and he is the most adorable baby boy ever( so people say. He has the sweetest smile, the prettiest blue eyes and kinky curly hair. He lights up any room 🙂

  16. iesha Robinson

    I have a beautiful miracle baby who is one years old and everywhere I go I get stopped for compliments on her, please contact me for pictures or anymore information regarding her. I would love for the world to get to see how beautiful she really is.

  17. Tammy

    My 8 year old daughter is one of the sweetest little girls you’ll meet. Her happy go attitude really brings a smile to your heart and not to mention she’s cute as a button! Please contact my email to get her modeling career started! Thank you!

  18. Rossel

    i have a super cute baby named paris klhoe. she is 9 months and 3 weeks old today.she is super attractive and she loves to pose in the camera already..

  19. Elva

    Hello ,
    My 4 month old is a very handsome little boy name Julian. He has a beautiful smile and a very happy baby. I know my baby has the charisma to be a baby model , every time we outpeople ell e how cute he is with his big eyes and lashes.
    Thank you

  20. tara mclaughlin

    I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old that I would love information for them. They both would be3 great models.

  21. AMUR

    I have tree kids,girl age8;boy6 and again boy3 years old. As every mom think there kids are the most beattyfull I think the same. As a brothers and sister they look a like. And I believe you wouldn’t be despondent by they look. If you become interesting,please let me know what I need to do. As a next step. Thank you for your time.

  22. Melissa

    I got two gorgeous daughters both toddler they are mixed Indian and Dominican they have beautiful skin color and long Indian hair

  23. Jenna Zigich

    Hello! I think that my 3 month old baby boy would be such an amazing fit for Baby Gap. Please consider him. His photos appear on my Facebook page. I can also email both candid and professional shots. Thank you.

  24. Kyle

    Can we still enter??? My son is perfect gap model material!!!

  25. I have a 4 year old. Awesome personality with fits her beautifully. She would be perfect for this.

  26. Chanel

    Hey, my daughter Kassiddee is 2 years old, she is a bi-racial (mixed/black) and a very happy little lady. Everywhere we go I get compliments on how pretty and how smart she is. Kassiddee is a very alert, drop dead gorgeous and happy kid. She always has a smile on her face. She definitely has what it takes . . . Check out her instagram : @kassiddee_londyn

  27. Zachary Garcia

    My son so smart very cute& handsome, very talented know how to dance, he just turn 13 months old, very friendly, all the peoples said my I have to put in baby commercial because very adorable ! He’s really wearing pull ups at the age of 10 months old, very advance baby he is so smart, loving baby we really blessed having a son like baby Zachary !

  28. Miranda

    Beautiful smile and charismatic little peincess

  29. kerrie

    I have two beautiful children, boy who’s 20 months and girl who’s 4 months I get constant compliments of people every time I’m out. Keep being told to enter them into modelling how do I enter them. Thanks x

  30. shannon

    My son Kasean just turned 1 last month. He loves the camera and everyone loves looking at his photo and how dimple stands out with his smile.

  31. Mary Omodio

    Our son is Evan James Omodio. The cutie is 15 months old he is a happy, very social, curious , big blue eye boy. Check out his pictures on my facebook page tupe in my name in the search Mary Omodio. He will steal your heart.

  32. sarah

    Hello, I have a 20month old little girl (Londyn) , as well as a 5 year old girl(Kiyarah). We are Constantly being stopped everywhere for how beautiful both girls are, and how AWESOME my older girls hair is (she has a lighter brown toned colored fro). Take a look at my face book, and let me know what you think. Cant wait to hear back from you looking forward to it.

    ~Sarah, Kiyarah, and Londyn~

  33. Nikita Griffin

    I was wondering how to enter my 6 week old son in the contest? He is gorgeous and doesn’t cry at all! Can you send more information to my email. Thank you!

  34. Paulina

    Hi, my baby should be consider for this great opportunity since he is such a happy and beautiful boy, inside and out. He’s always smiling and very talktative. Everywhere we go, they tell me how beautiful he is and that he souls be a baby model. He is 5 months old with big blue eyes, white skin and light brown hair. He weighs 15 pounds and he is very healthy. It will be such a pleasure for us to be consider for this great opportunity. Thank you.

  35. Marsela

    Hi, my little girl is 4 1/2 and she loves to pose for pictures, Her name is Sara, she has blonde curley hair and dark brown eyes, but her strongest feature is her great personality. She won a modeling audition at “John Robert Powers” Agency in Michigan. I know she would be a great model for Gap clothes, she wears them all the time 🙂

  36. Sara

    Hi, I have a 4 and 1/2 years old girl, her name is Sara. She loves to pose for pictures and take directions very well. It’s been a year that she goes to ballet and last a year she was chosen in an audition for modeling at “John Robert Powers” Agency.
    P.s. She wears all the time Gap Clothes 🙂

  37. Nubbia

    My baby girl is 2 she will be three in January she is seriously gorgeous and makes everyone smile all the time. She’s half latino and half European decent. Golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. She’s definetly a real character. And of course she gets compliments wherever we go. I would love more I information! Thank you!

  38. Jaqueline

    I have a gorgeous 18 month old son! People are always stopping me everywhere we go to tell me how beautiful he is. I would like information how to get him into modeling.

  39. My daughter Czarina is 3 1/2 years old, I would like more information to get her into modeling. Please check out her photos on my FB page:)
    Thank you

  40. Zhani Dixon

    Hello! I have 11 month old daughter 🙂 of course I will say she is beautiful ect
    But I think everybody thinks they kids the Best! Why I’m looking for agency or manager cuz everybody telling me everyday everywhere I go she is cutest baby they ever seen n I should try modeling her 😉

  41. My son is 2 years old. He is very hansome and polite. He brings me joy everyday. He likes to dance and read. Hes really smart and we go to the library all the time, his favorite thing to do at the library is story time. Please vote for him.

  42. April

    MY two princesses are 7 and 2 yrs old, they love the camera,fashion, and make up! I hear on a daily basis how beautiful they are and they should be models!

  43. Shela dela Cruz

    My daughter Katherine is 5 months old next week.She’s so adorable, cute and smart baby.She loves camera too.

  44. jawon

    My little boy is 2years old he is so energetic and is very active he loves to play basketball and video games. But I always get compliments from either my family or even strangers who say he is so handsome and ask me all the time why don’t you put him in a commercial ?

  45. Joel Duarte

    My Daughter Thais Duarte is a year old and we can’t go anywhere with out being stopped telling me and her mother how beautiful she is. Very photogenic and always smiling, she is happy baby. Half Colombian and Ecuador she is gorgeous and i am not saying it just cause i am her father.

  46. Gina

    My baby Jaybe is 9 months old. I think he has the potential of being a model with a killer smile and great looks.

  47. Miranda

    I would love to find out more about the baby gap contest. Baby jaylah is a unique bright eyed 8 week old that would be a great Gap baby. Please email some more information!

  48. Chelsea

    TJ is very photojentic! He will be 2 in March and everybody tells me how handsome and cute he is!

  49. Bintu

    Baby Ansu is a gorgeous six month old baby boy with a beautiful, cheerful smile that brighten anyone day. He has big brown eyes, beautiful smile and a million bucks looks which have rewarded him many compliments from families, friends, and strangers. Baby Ansu is smart, intelligent and can make a dull room cheerful and put smiles on people faces. Most of all, baby Ansu is a Gap baby because there’s where he loves to shop. My son is photogenic and is a very cute and handsome baby you will want to see.

  50. Cindy

    How do you enter? I have 2 beautiful kids that i get compliments on everyday 🙂 My one year old is absolutely gorgeous she has a head full of wavy hair and is full of smiles. My 7 year old son is handsome and has a heart of gold. They are both photogenic and I love it because I love to take pictures of and with my kids.

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