GapKids And babyGap Contest

Have you always felt that your child has a certain special something? Do you family, friends and even strangers comment on how cute your kid is? If so he or she could become the next face of babyGap or GapKids in 2014. This is a great opportunity share your childs face with millions and let them appreciate the joy and beauty that you see everyday. Entries for the contest are divided into four categories:  baby boy (0-4 years old), baby girl (0-4 years old), boy (5-12 years old),  and girl (5-12 years old). 16 finalists (chosen by Gap) will be chosen and receive  a $500 Gap GiftCard and a professional photo shoot. The 4 cutest children (as chosen by voters online) will receive $1,000 Gap GiftCard along with a professional photo shoot and will be featured in a Gap marketing campaign. Gap will also give a $10,000 grant in each of the four winner’s names to Communities In Schools, a nonprofit that surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Nationwide, Communities In Schools partners with nearly 3,000 public schools, assisting 1.25 million students and their families. Up to five entries will be allowed per category so enter all of your cuties! Your child could be the face of one of the most popular kids clothing lines in the country. So if you have a child whose smile lights up every room he or she enters, whose sparkliung personality shines right through the camera lens babyGap and GapKids would like you to show them off. For more information on the contest and rules you can go here and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us about your little angels and keep checking back for all of the exciting updates.

All children are precious and beautiful but some children just have a special  glow about them. If that describes your child then you owe it to yourself and the country to share it. Submit your child today to be the next babyGap or GapKids kid!


337 Responses to “GapKids And babyGap Contest”

  1. Megan

    I cant wait for this to start i am really excited my son is 3 months old and he dose not stop smiling or laughing people walk up to me all day long to tell me he is the cutest baby they have ever seen i ever hear it from people with there own children i am excited to let everyone else see the personality that explodes through his smile

  2. Deidra Camp

    My daughter Taliyah Nicole Reaves is 4 years old! Since birth everyone has told me how beautiful she and that I should Look into her being a baby model! Watching her grow, I learned that she loves the camera! I already knew how beautiful she was! Why not share her beauty with the world?!?!

  3. Laura

    My sweet little angel is 13 months old and is always smiling and laughing. He has the most beautiful eyes and big chubby cheeks with dimples! He is one cute lil man.

  4. Sherrhonda

    My little Gabriel just turned 2 years old and he has such personality for a now 2 year old. He will make your heart melt he is just the sweetest.. If pictures are needed I can send

  5. Darchelle

    My son name is Demeatrice Williams and I believe he would make a great model. He’s 17 months and the most cutest little boy you’ve seen. Not only is he good with taking pics he’s also good with following directions.

  6. Cassidy Hodges

    My daughter Harper is the light of our lives. From her mischievous grin to her full on belly laughs she is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen (I’m not biased at all

  7. anita

    Hi. My son is 12 months and is the cutest little man! His eyes and smile light up a room. At just 6 months he had his debut with the camera. You can say he has charm 🙂

  8. paige bear

    My little paige bear is 9 months old and she is full of love an energy! She has been a blessing sense i had her!!

  9. Rhonda inman

    Sydney is 4 months old and my first grandchild!! She has been so alert and inquisitive since the day she was born!! She even looks like she is posing in so many of her pictures and she is so stinking beautiful!!!

  10. Kristi McDonough

    My son Isaiah is 8 he’s very smart and loves to learn new things. He’s got a old spirit very cute. He loves Elvis and old music. He’s got blond brown hair hazel eye’s and has eye glasses. He’s such a cute boy gets along with anybody very easy going..Everyone loves him.thank you

  11. Kristi McDonough

    My daughter Amerah is 5 years old SHE got attitude,personality,and will walk in a room and have no joke everyone say how Beautiful She. Everyone says how I should put her in modeling. She loves the Camera loves the attention and will be the best child you will pick honset you will love you brown hair Blue green eye’s and the most Beautiful smile.

  12. Kristi McDonough

    My son Hayden is 9 months old he is very outgowing full of smiles.He got greens eyes light brown hair. Family Friends even stranger’s tell me how adorable he is and how he should be on a magazine or doing something anything because his alert and how he loves the Camera. My baby boy is my life and my world. Thank you.

  13. Silvana muco

    Hi there my son kevin is almost 3 years old hi is cute and very good boy, people keep telling me about this modeling and staff,, i just want the best for him

  14. Jennifer

    My daughter is 9 months old and everyone tells me to enter her into photo contests. My daughter loves meeting new people and loves to laugh. Gabriella also loves the camera.

  15. Hello I am the mother of a beautiful an handsome 11 month old boy named Christian Paris R. An I know he is meant to be that shining starlet face you’re looking for to be the new face of babygap. Everywhere we go we cant get a block without 3 or more people, adults and kids, wanting to talk, touch, or hold him since he was born. So please keep us posted. Thank you.

  16. Jessica Frisbey

    My handsome son is almost four months old . He shows lots of interest in my phone and knows when I’m recording.

  17. jovonn campbell

    My son jovonn has alot of personality, witty, athletic plays basketball he has a mean handle with the ball, loves to write stories, full of energy also very handsome. I would love for him to be apart of the Gap kids family and that would also boast his confidence.

  18. ayushi

    my sister is 4 months….she can be comfortably travel wid any1 and enjoys meeting new people….she smiles at every talk of any person and even laugh throughout the day…..

  19. Susie

    My daughter is Sayward Mitchell, she is 12 years old, an honor roll student since kindergarten. She has taken dance, gymnastics, and wants to run track this year. I can praise her all day long. But I want to mention that I have been shopping with Gap since their sign was the big red Gap sign,,early 90’s maybe? Anyway when I learned I was pregnant with my little lady I went straight to Baby Gap and I just had a blast buying all the little onsies I could find. I really just think this experience would be so much fun her. I have been her own little photographer being her mother. But being a single mother its what I do. Sheis a true gem and she decorates my world daily.

  20. Sarah

    My little girl Olivia is 4 months and constantly smiling. We went to shop rite for 1 thing and it took us 20 minutes because everyone was stopping us to say how adorable she is! super happy baby and very photogenic! I think she would be an amazing model.

  21. Noelle

    I’ve a 5 year old girl that resembles Shirley Temple, although the wilder version, as she’s grown up on a farm. Personality story: last year for Halloween she was a Hula girl playing the Uke, singing,”hi my name is Elvie, may I have some candy”.

  22. Aaliyah

    My daughter is turning 3 and is fun and loving she has a smile that you would love. loves taking pictures,dancing and singing every chance she gets. She is very social,fun and has a very silly/upbeat personality.

  23. Evelyn

    Babies are just the cutest. My little one month old baby boy has such a precious heart melting face. Since birth he knows how to hold his head up and push up when he’s on his tummy. Camera ready. He’s on the run to being a baby model.

  24. tracy davis

    Everywhere i go king is the center of attraction, people say he should be on tv.

  25. Tamara

    My daughter Aaliyah Autumn will be 2 in September she is the sweetest little girl with a quirky yet fierce persona. She’s very smart and already knows exactly what she wants she is beautiful inside and out she loves being outside. My baby girl talks so good she can have a conversation with anyone she’s very out going and a pleasant little child to be around

  26. Marie

    My baby does nothing but smile all day long and takes great phots and of course is the cutest ever!! Always happy n cute!! He’s just perfect! He’s two years old and was accepted to be a model a couple times from couple different agents

  27. Becky Litterer

    Hi. Our daughter Madalyn is a sweet, friendly and beautiful 18 month old. We always receive compliments on her porcelain skin and big blue eyes. Several people have said she should do modeling.

  28. Yadira

    I have a talented 2 and 7 year old girls!! They both love the camera. My 7 year old loves to do vlogs I just haven’t publish them.. My 2 year old love to sing and dance. There a natural in front of cameras. They both love taking selfies.. If I need to send pictures I will gladly send them:)!!!

  29. Khalia T

    My Son Jasier Is 9 months going on 25. He is the most amazing little boy EVER ! He has an gift with posing for pictures while lighting up the room with his smile. My Son is special and so cute, I hear it all the time. Jasier will be competing because it comes so Natural for my SON !

  30. Bradley Felipe Doran

    My son is 10 years old and has the most gorgeous strawberry blond hair with sparkling blue eye and enjoys posing for the camera with a broad smile.

  31. Renee Rong

    my son is turning 2 in September. He is absolutely adorable. He’s got the personality, great smile and awesome facial expressions. that will be great if he has an opportunity to enter this contest.

  32. Hi,
    Her name is Genesis,she is 34 months,she says her ABC’s an numbers 1-20, sings an dances mimics what she sees an hears,she is very aware an much of a people person, demand for all eyes on her, she is such a beautiful an friendly character.

  33. Atheena

    Hello I have a very beautiful soon to be 10 month old who loves the camera & is a diva when it comes to style & I am constantly getting told that my baby girl is beautiful there for she may even be beautiful enough to be a gap kid

  34. nicole

    I am a photographer and my kids are naturals in front of the camera. The smile the instant I pull it out. Elly is 3 years and Brayland is 10 months. Every time we go out, we get stopped and told how beautiful our kids are 🙂

  35. My daughters Name is Mylasia Amor and people are ALWAYS complementing me since her birth of how gorgeous she is! She will be 1 september 21st and her personality is booming she Has a smile that lights up a room. She makes everyone in her presence smile, she loves music and loves to dance. Im sooo excited for this contest I am always confronted asking why she not in a commercial or magazine.

  36. My son Aiden is 7 weeks old and is Chinese, Filipino, Russian, Irish, Israeli, and Romanian. I’m always being old he looks like a living doll. He’s so cheerful and just wants to cuddle with me. He loves his tummy time and tries so hard to crawl already. My son knows when I’m taking pictures he will looks straight into the camera and give me the cutest facial expressions. Please i would love further information in this contest. Thank you for your time.

  37. Marie Battaglia

    Brandon, My grandson is 3 yrs old with the biggest blue eyes round face and dark hair. His dimple and smile is adorable. Strangers stop us all the time to admire him. He’s very photogenic as his mother is a amature photographer and has a portfolio of great shots of him. He’s very receptive to the camera lens. He would be an excellent candidate for your Gap Kids ads. Also Gap kids clothes are all he wears.

  38. Zakiya Williams

    My daughter zaliya ( 6 months old ) is the cutest baby ever!!! I cant go no where with out people stopping me everyone no matter what city or state we are in says the same ” she looks like a baby doll” ” she has the perfect face” also ” submitt her to magazine or store contest”. I must say all this is true. She can brighten anyones day and she looks absolutely beautiful in just a ordinary white undershirt.

  39. Sarah

    My little bug is 3 months old. She entered into this world on Mother’s Day May 11th at 3:37pm. Every morning she greets me with her beautiful smile & baby blue eyes it fills my heart with the upmost joy! There is no doubt in my mind she is close to perfect!

  40. stacey

    My son just turned 5m. His name is josiah and he is definetly a handsome devil.

  41. Hello, I would love to introduce you to my four beautiful kids Caty, Emily, Jose Christopher and Jessie-Lee. They love taking picture and they’re every active and creative.Everywhere we go people always say how gorgeous and happy they are.When it comes to the camera they act like they’re superstars.
    Thank you

  42. Lauren

    Our son Jaxson is 15 months old and full of life. It is true everywhere we go my husband and I both get told how beautiful he is. On a daily basis he gets called a girl and we laugh about it because of how pretty he is. This is just for fun but we love baby gap and think he would be perfect for your brand. He is white and African American

  43. Charity Hough

    My grandson Austin is 7 months old. A very happy, cheerful baby. He brings smiles everywhere he goes!

  44. Hyunkyung Kim

    My 14 3/4 year old daughter, Hannah Kim, is 5’1″ [physically slight] and 89 pounds [slim] and would love to model for GapKids over spring break. She was born premature on September 13, 1999 [we didn’t want her to be the oldest in her grade, and her due date was in late January of 2000, but she was born 24 weeks], and she’s a miracle, considering she was born 1 pound 2 ounces. That’s premature!

  45. Miriam

    Hi my babys name is Angello he is 4 months old he born in march 24 2014
    he is the MOSTH GORGEOUS BABY THAT I EVER SEEN. .. And it’s not because it’s my baby. .. You should see him. ..
    You would fall in love with him. …. he loves the camera… one day he was crying so I wanted to record him but when he saw my cell phone looking at him he started trying to laugh he is a beautiful baby , blue eyes ,light brown hair.

  46. Hyunkyung Kim

    My daughter Hannah is 14 years old [will be 15 on September 13; she was born 24 weeks gestation and she has a slight build for her age], and we are considering having her model over spring break.

  47. Aiden

    Aiden is cute with long wavy hair. Most of his wardrobe is Gap clothing!

  48. Krishna martinez

    My daughter Savannah is a baby that will be the cutest baby on the pictures. Everyday someone asks me if I tried putting her for Gap modeling or anything baby modeling because she is so cute and perfect for it. If pictures needed will send them.

  49. Annabel

    My daughter is biracial and EVERYWHERE we go, she get compliments on how pretty she is… she is stunning, i dont say it as her mom, i say it because its true! from her curly hair to her long lashes, dimples and smile, i would LOVE for her to be a gap model… she will be 2 in 27 days and is my entire world! dont believe me?? and see for yourself!

  50. Megan

    My Maisie girl is the best! Everyone says she’s a gap baby and belongs in gap ads. She is 14months of sunshine!

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